Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Staying cool!!!

TOLS Retreat

Picture of some of the great stitcher's that I met at the retreat. Robin, Kathy Carole, Candance, Mary, Denise, and Lynne. Ellen and  Barb are in the front of the picture, I met them last year at Inspired Needle, nice to see them again.

These were some of the pieces in the exchange.
The Reindeer ordiment is the one from me.

 Carole pictured below received mine adn I received hers. I picture is not very good. I love the ribbon work she did on it.

  So many great inspiring stitcher's all in one place. Nice meeting new friends and nice to see old friends too. Well I want to say keep stitching and take care.  Stay tuned for my retreat pieces.